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Al Rodriguez | Owner/Leasing Agent

During my business career, I have owned a total of thirteen (13) businesses.

These businesses have been in various industries, including but not limited to; Food, Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail and Business Consulting.

In 2006, after leaving the financial industry after 27 years, I became an Accredited Business Consultant with the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). I started the consulting practice to; assist aspiring entrepreneurs to start their initial business, provide practical advice to entrepreneurs experiencing problems in their specific business and to assist owners in expanding their business and/or prepare their business for sale.

During the last eleven (11) years, I have assisted in opening over 500 new businesses for clients in several states. I have helped numerous business owners improve their profitability by; trouble-shooting their business operations, streamlining their financials and providing a robust marketing model. Some of my clients were in need of assistance in expanding their business and others in evaluating and subsequently selling their business.

I speak Spanish fluently, as such, I look forward to assisting our Spanish speaking entrepreneurs with their equipment and/or business related needs.

Lease to Own

At Alto Leasing Corporation, we know that independent auto repair shops, franchise stores and auto dealers drives the automotive service industry. In order for your auto repair shop to provide the best service, you need to have the most-effective tools and equipment to handle today’s automobiles. That’s where we come in!.

We will help you to create a cost-effective automotive equipment lease-to-own program for your company.

Leasing to own will give your company financial flexibility and the opportunity to own your own equipment in only a few years or even months depending on your income and budget. After learning what your auto equipment needs are, we will present you with a customized program that works within your budget. Get started today by submitting an online lease application or by calling Alto Leasing Corporation at (407) 414-5954
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